September 5th, 2010

Therapeutic Touch is a gentle art that has had a great impact worldwide, by profoundly enhancing care from birth-to-death.

You maybe asking yourself; why should I consider sessions of Therapeutic Touch? Here’s a list of reasons I feel Therapeutic Touch will help you heal:

Therapeutic Touch can:

  • significantly reduce a stress and burnout in the work place
  • reduce pain within 5 minutes
  • reduce the need for medication pain relief
  • enhance wounds to heal significantly…research indicates by 25-30%
  • get quick results in only 2-20 minutes
  • be easily taught to you so you can do frequent sessions on ill family members
  • complement many psychotherapeutic approaches to health care.

Therapeutic Touch is a holistic approach that effects the body, mind, emotions, the spirit, and has been proven to be effective in reduction of anxiety.

Therapeutic Touch:

  • has been studied by the US Defense Department on the effects of burns
  • has no religious implications, symbols, sounds, or initiation
  • when practiced as taught, is completely safe
  • is inexpensive to learn

Support for Therapeutic Touch practitioners is provided by Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario

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