August 6th, 2010 | Comments Off on How Does Bowenwork Therapy Work?

Bowenwork is so gentle and elegant in the way it encourages the body to restore its self to a state of good health (homeostasis). This Technique’s gentle and very subtle movements are preformed over muscles and connective tissue. The moves send messages deep into the body’s tissue to retrieve memories of relaxation, helping the body to recall balance, and a state of wellbeing.

Results are usually remarkable, even after the first session, and often a few sessions are all that is needed to correct the client’s problem.

Bowenwork addresses not only the musculo-skeletal systems; it also affects fascia, nerves and internal organs. When this takes place the body responses in its circulation and lymphatic drainage, digestive, respiratory, and really the whole body responds in a very deep way. The benefits are usually apparent within 2-6 sessions.

May clients have described a Bowenwork session as being a gentle and calming technique.

As well as adults, this technique can be used on infants and the aged.

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