August 6th, 2010

The Bowenwork Technique is a specific series of muscles and connective tissue movements designed to treat a wide range of problems and injures. Bowenwork addresses every system in the body: internal organ systems as well as the musculo-skeletal structure. These gentle, powerful moves send neurological impulses to the brain. The brain processes and feeds impulses back to realign the body. Respecting this feedback loops essential for allowing the body to restore its natural balance.

The Bowenwork Technique will continue to be integrated over the next five days. Your awareness in the following instructions will support this process.

Day of Treatment

Break up your sitting time… get up and walk around for a few minutes every 20-30 minutes and then you can sit down again. This is important even when you are driving, you really need to stop and get out to, walk around. However, you may lie down today and nap without getting up to walk around. Adhere to this for 24 hours unless you have low back problems do this for 5 days.

When you go to stand up either from a chair or bed as an example make sure you weight bare evenly on both feet as you did when you finished your treatment. This will help you to maintain the body balancing from your treatment.

NO strenuous exercising should be done after your Bowen work session. Only gentle exercise such as walking or swimming, these can be beneficial.

Drink plenty of water to help the body to expel waste products as you detoxify from your session.

NO hot tub baths, hot tubs, heating pads, or ice packs. But a brief warm shower is fine.

During the next Week

  • Please avoid all other forms of bodywork… massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, etc.
  • Also avoid hot tubs, hot or cold packs, long hot showers, or dental drilling or cleaning
  • Homeopathic medicines, or you medication maybe used as need
  • Continue to drink water at least 2 quarts per day as long as you do not have kidney problems
  • Gentle waking each day is recommended
  • CALL me if you have any questions about the process or how you are feeling

Follow-up session

Return in one week following your first treatment. The second session is essential for Bowenworkwork build a strong foundation in your healing.

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