When I met Pamela 15 years ago and had my first Reflexology session with her, I knew there was something special about her. At that point I knew she would be able to help me with my constant pain from arthritis and the stressor of aging. Pamela was able to make me feel relaxed, calm and drop my pain levels significantly. She has been wonderful to do extra healing work on me when I needed it at no extra charge. I have been using her services every two weeks for the 14 years.

Pamela’s calming healing nature was able to help me face the world literally. She has a great way of using laughter and humour to bring healing into my life. By knowing Pamela I feel I can manage life and whatever it brings me health wise. She is someone I can honestly, confide in about how, I really feel without judgement.

I highly recommend Pamela to assist you to feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether it is reflexology or any other services Pamela offer’s, I suggest you go to see her soon to feel better.

Eve H.


Pamela is so friendly and inviting that after the first day of class, you feel like family. On a personal and professional level, she encourages growth and development on so many levels.

I was nervous before starting bodywork, but after taking Pamela’s reflexology course, I became confident and felt equipped to start my own business. I am thoroughly enjoying practicing now, and I have Pamela to thank for her mentor-ship. I would highly recommend her Reflexology courses, and hope to take others that she offers in the future!

Anna D.

Pamela gave me the confidence and know-how to practice Therapeutic Touch. I completed all three of the programs, and now practice Therapeutic Touch on a regular basis, on family members, who always tell me that it’s very relaxing. And, they ask me for help whenever they feel uncomfortable in anyway.

Pamela gave me the feedback that allowed me know what was going on. I both value and trust Pamela’s opinion regarding both the energetic and physical health of a person. I am so grateful to have Pamela in my life. I thank you Pamela, and wish you continued success.


Before taking Pamela’s course we were starting our own business and had not been in a classroom for many years. Pamela shared her knowledge in a very easy to understand manner, giving us a great starting point, and lots of direction.

Today we are still continuing to learn from Pamela and would highly recommend taking any course offered by her. It has been a pleasure meeting and learning with her over the years. Thanks to Pamela we are no longer intimidated about attendance further learning.

Tracy & Mariann

Foot Care

I suffered with toe nail fungus on 3 of my toes. The nails were yellow and thick and very ugly so that I wore sandals only with socks. I asked my doctor about getting rid of the toe nail fungus. She discouraged me from trying as she said it was a long process and the medication had some nasty side effects.

Naturally, I did nothing until I was referred to Pamela Beach, and she filed my nails and got me started on the toe and fingernail fungus tonic. It does smell bad and the process of getting rid of the fungus is lengthy, probably because I had had the fungus for almost a couple of years.

The fungus is now gone. I can now wear sandals without thinking that everyone is looking at my ugly nails.

Thanks, Pamela!
J. Keeler

Piriformis Muscle Syndrome (PMS)

I have suffered from lower back pain for 15 years. The pain was excruciating! I could never stand with both feet on the floor at the same time.

I saw several doctors, who have done nothing for my problem except give me a lot of drugs that I didn’t want to take. Also went to several chiropractors, who gave me costly adjustments, which never seemed to work!

Had given up the idea of being cured of back pain and started taking Advil and other (now discontinued) prescribed ant-inflammatory drugs.

Operating my house cleaning business became a problem. Two large house to clean would set off serious pain. I became desperate as I needed to be able to continue working. See, my husband is disabled leaving my business as the main source of our income.

One day, while cleaning a customers house the homeowner noticed me in pain. I was very hesitant about talking with her about it, as I didn’t want her to see it as a weakness to do with my job.

The homeowner’s name is Pamela Beach, and she offered to give me a PMS treatment. When she started, my right leg was longer than the other, and my right arm was also.

The muscle stimulation was intense, and not anywhere near where the pain was! She massaged my shoulder area, and amazingly, I could stand instantly on both feet without pain! Pam did this treatment on me about 3 months ago now, and I have not had any pain since! I truly recommend this treatment to anyone having any kind of pain! I would never have thought that such a long standing painful condition could be cured in one session!

Thank you Pamela Beach!!
You truly are amazing!
H. Dullege

Emotional Freedom Therapy

I am a 45 year old woman who smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for over 30 years. I met Pamela Beach at a woman’s group that I attended on a Monday night in February. I don’t know how we got on the subject of quitting smoking, but I mentioned to her that I was thinking about it.

This had become my standard answer to defend my awful habit, but honestly, deep down I never thought it would be possible. I knew how strongly those cigarettes had a hold on me, and had pretty well accepted the fact that I would be a smoker until the day I died.

Pamela asked me if she could try something on me. I was skeptical, and she assured me that it would only take about 5 minutes. I thought, what the heck, surely it wouldn’t hurt!

It was over before I knew it, she did some tapping on my face and neck and I repeated a few words. She asked me to let her know how things went. I thanked her and I hurried out to go home.

When I got into my car and took out a cigarette, it made me feel nauseous! Well, I got home and decided a nice cup of hot tea and a cigarette would be lovely, only when I picked up the cigarette, I felt sick again….

Cigarette smoking is now a thing of the past! I feel years younger, no more coughing and choking, no more stinky house and car and clothing. Quitting smoking couldn’t have been easier. I truly know that I would never have quit smoking without Pamela Beach and E.F.T.

H. Dullege

Healing Codes

I called Pamela one day from work when I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed and stressed and wanted some assistance from her and the Healing Codes. I had a seemingly impossible amount of work that needed to be accomplished, and I couldn’t concentrate (due to an on-going and painful break-up) and the work was piling up.

Pamela’s friendly nature and calm voice helped to reassure me. Through tears, I explained how I was feeling, and she set to work. Pamela explained everything to me in an easily understandable manner, and I could feel her compassion.

After my session, I went back to my work and over the course of the next hour I felt my level of stress decrease, my head felt much clearer, and I was finally able to concentrate. Over the course of that afternoon, I was able to focus and accomplish more work than I had been able to complete over the previous few days! It was an incredible experience – the difference in how I felt before this session of the Healing Codes and after was like night and day.


I would say that I am now somewhat calmer and able to make changes in my life in a much more civil way. And I also look at the people in my life differently, with more understanding and care.

One of the things I try to do now is live for today and let the future unfold and it should. Pamela is a professional who cares and exhibited persistence at getting to my truth.


My father had been hospitalized for a hip replacement, and he became very anxious about the surgery. I contacted Pamela to do the Healing Codes on him to relax.

After his treatment with Pamela, my father walked to the operating room for his surgery. He was calm, cool and collected. After the surgery was completed his vital signs ere PERFECT.

Pamela’s Healing Codes work truly helped in getting results. My father recovered beautifully from his surgery. He is now walking better than he has for the last 10 years!

Since my father’s surgery, Pamela assisted me with my stress issues.

Later on, my husband ended up hospitalized for kidney stones. Needless to say, I telephoned Pamela to help him through healing as this was my husbands second operation to rid him of the stones.

I truly believe Pamela assisted my husband’s healing from his surgery too. He was up and about in no time at all!

I have recommended Pamela’s healing techniques to a friend who has also had success with her mother being treated by Pamela.

Thank YOU Pamela!!!

Pamela Beach has been my teacher as I identify a problem. She is understanding, kind and a person with great patience with me. To my surprise my journey sometimes takes off in a different direction bring up emotions long past or forgotten about. This has created a grand healing from within. I look forward to these sessions now.

R. Willis

Within a week of starting with Stress Codes, my stress levels were gone. Pamela revealed an in insecurity in me that stemmed from my childhood. After another week that issue was gone. Then another limiting belief was revealed, observed, and released.

Healing codes are layer by layer, and you don’t know what the next layer will be. It’s painless! I thought it would bring back old feelings but it really didn’t because I was focusing on something wonderful while these issues were being released.

My business is improving and I am empowered.
C. Clifford

I had sustained an injury due to a motor vehicle accident. I went through what seemed to be a very long recovery from a moderate brain injury and left side physical injury. I felt lost and somewhat unsure of myself, causing what I believe to be a rift in my recovery.

Having met Pamela by chance in a local parking lot, I took her up on her offer to do some Code work with me. It’s been a few weeks now and all can say is, “thank God for that chance meeting.”

There is still some work to do but I have every confidence that things will get even better. Emotionally I’m feeling much better. I’m actually having some high energy days where I feel a sense of confidence once again.

Pamela has been a blessing for me. She has a calm and understanding voice that seems to reach gently into my soul. Pamela is compassionate, and very down to earth.

A very satisfied client,